Summer 2022 Updates


To Our Valued Clients and Patients


I was just thinking about the saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Funny, I feel this is EXACTLY where we are right now. Post Covid. Places are open, gatherings have been resumed and mask mandates have been lifted and yet…. staff shortages are still the norm, tensions are still running high and, sadly, Connecticut lost yet another veterinarian to suicide in late spring.

In my personal experience and conversations with colleagues, emergency and specialty hospitals seem to be bearing the brunt of, well, everything. Calling to transfer a case to emergency hospitals I have been told on numerous occasions that the hospital is at capacity, when referring to a specialist there are often months long wait periods, even spay/neuter clinics have extended wait periods. Trust me, I get it, it’s frustrating and sometimes scary.

We as veterinarians love what we do, but we need to have the time to spend with our patients in order to do our jobs. As a single-doctor practice I get it, it’s frustrating for me too, but I realize I am only one person and am able to truly be with only one patient at a time. I want to continue providing health care to my patients with a personal touch. I can’t imagine practicing any other way.

My dedicated staff and I thank you for your continued patience and support.

Have a wonderful summer!!!

Dr. K

To our valued clients:

We at Four Town Veterinary Hospital want to be completely transparent about our very recent staff changes. 
We are currently working with one technician, one receptionist, and of course Dr. K.  We are doing all that we can to not have to make any drastic schedule changes in order to continue to be available for you and your pet. With that being said, we are making one small change; until we are more adequately staffed, the office will be closing at 3:30pm on Friday afternoons. As of right now this is the only change being made unless there are any illnesses or emergencies with our current staff. 
We ask for your patience as we navigate these transitions and please know we are doing our best for our clients and patients. 
Thank you as always for your continued support.